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The servers work group focuses on Scorpion all-in-one cabinet servers, multi-node servers, etc.
The Data Center Work Group focuses on micro-modular data centers, pre-fabricated modular data center, software-defined data centers, etc.
Network Work Group
The Test Work Group focuses on technical specifications compliance test certification, etc.

The conference will publish the latest research results of the Open Data Center Committee (ODCC), including Scorpion 2.5, Scorpion 3.0 development planning, Technical Specification for Multi-node Servers, Report on Development of Rack Server (2015), Industry Technology Standard for Micro-modules/Pre-fabricated Modules, White Paper on Micro-module/Pre-fabricated module Technology, Report on Development of Modular Data Centers (2015), and Scorpion test certification solution.

From the open data center committee (ODCC) organized by the open data center of Alibaba, Tencent, China Telecom, Baidu, China Mobile, Intel, China Information Communication Research Institute and other units of the 2015 Summit (ODCC 2015) will be on November 5th at the Beijing National Convention Center held. Following last year's successful hosting of ODCC 2014 and released the Scorpio 2 technical specification, which is another industry event held in the field of data centers in the country. The general assembly includes the main venue of the morning

DCD Enterprise China Gives a Strong Presence in Shanghai in June2016⁄6⁄15

[Shenzhen PIC 20160414] DCIM Application in Large Internet Data Centers - Yan Xiaoyun, Baidu

Interview with Xiao Defang (ODCC member): Scorpion Project Is Conducive to Establishment of Chinese Standards for All-in-one Cabinet ServersXiao Defang

Open Data Center Committee (ODCC)” was formerly known as Scorpion Alliance, and has new researches such as modular data centers. The former Scorpion Alliance consisted of Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, China Telecom and CMCC, with Intel as the technical consultant and with efforts focusing on Scorpion all-in-one cabinet servers. 
The Committee applies the unit membership system, includingMember of Decision-Making Committee, Consultant Member ,Supplier Member,Regular Member.
Enterprise products that are tested and get certificates, namely ones conforming to technical standards and specifications for Scorpion products, will be the first certified brands of the Open Data Center Committee. Products certified in accordance with Scorpion standards also conform to technical standards and specifications for Scorpion all-in-one cabinet products jointly developed by Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, China Telecom and CMCC. Therefore, they have broad market prospects and profound influences and play a positive role in helping enterprises and departments improve performance and achieve core competitiveness for their products and qualifications for formal bidding. 
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